anonymous: can you do a youtube imagine with you and matt g124 where you participate in dare mattg with him and one of the dares is for you and him to kiss. (cute and fluffy please). c:

*I put 51 because I just watched that one. and I needed a fresh dare for him to do in this imagine, okay guys, so don’t hate me for this.

Matt’s POV. c:

"Today we’ll be doing Dare MattG 51 with a guest really special, no wait, I meant with a really special guest." I face palmed as I kept messing up on my words. I heard Y/N giggle as we recorded the introduction again.  "Today we’ll be doing Dare MattG 52 with a really special guest, Y/N!" I gave myself a thumbs up in my head for getting it right and Y/N jumped in front of the camera. "Hey guys!" I watched as she smiled and waved at the screen and felt myself smiling too.

 ”What are you so smiley about?” She giggled and poked my cheek.

 ”Nothing. Nothing at all,” I laughed and read the first dare we got. “Mix cookie batter in your mouth, bake it, then eat it.” 

"Do I have to eat it too?" Y/N asked the camera. 

"Yes you do!" I told her and motioned for her to follow me to the kitchen. She did, bringing the camera with her so she could film me as I did the dare. I did as the dare said and mixed the batter in my mouth. "Come help me." I told her as I started shaping the batter into cookie shapes to bake. I laughed as she kept saying ew each time she had to touch it. "It’s not going to kill you, Y/N." I laughed. "But I don’t know what’s been in your mouth." She said as she finished the last cookie. We put the cookies in the oven and turned the camera off as we waited for them to bake. Once they were done, Y/N started filming again as I took the pan out. "So, some of these were mixed in my mouth and others wont. Choose wisely." I told her. She laughed and started picking between them. She finally decided on the smallest one and I took the larger one. We both faced the camera and bit into them. We finally finished off the last of the cookies and started on the other dares. I could feel knots on my stomach as we started reaching the last dare. I just hoped she wouldn’t be against it or that it wouldn’t change anything between us. "Alright guys, it looks like we’re done and still alive, so—" 

"Wait. Y/N, there’s one more dare." I could feel myself shaking as I interrupted her. I didn’t want to make it seem like I was too anxious to kiss her or she would think i’m weird. "What’s the dare, Matt?" I pretended to look for it on my phone even though it was right there in front of me. 'Stop stalling, Matt.' I thought to myself when I finally got the guts to read it out loud. “@GhostlyFoxes says that she dares us to kiss in front of the camera.” I told her showing her the tweet. I saw her tense up a bit as she read it. After a long time, well it was actually 2 minutes but it felt like a long time to me, she finally nodded. I could feel my heart racing as we both started leaning in for the kiss. When my lips finally connected with hers, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I would have deepened the kiss but she, sadly, pulled away before I could. “Well there you go guys, we did all the dares, see you next time!” She said into the camera and reached to turn it off. “Wait!,” I pulled her back, “I think we should do that over. You know for the fans. Because I think I messed up, and I wouldn’t want them to have a sucky video, you know. So maybe we should—” I felt myself being cut off as her lips connected with mine. “You could have just asked for another kiss, you know.” She smiled leaning in again to kiss me. “Well i’m sorry, i’m terrible with words.” I said into the kiss and wrapped my arms around her. “Y/N,” I pulled back and reached for the camera. “I think we forgot to turn it off.” I was about to delete the clips before she reached for it. “Wait,” I saw her smile as she played the video, “Don’t delete them. They’re cute.” She rested her head on my shoulder as she watched them. I wrapped my arm around her waist to pull her closer, “Y/N.” 


"You’re amazing  and beautiful and adorable and funny and sweet and fun to be around and and uhm i like talking to you and being around and you’re always there for me and-"

"Matt, just get to the point." She laughed.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I looked down into her eyes waiting for her answer. 

"Yes," She pecked me on the lips and stood up, "Now let’s go edit this video."

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